Appleday Studios is a film making studio that was founded by Milt Appleday.

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Current Appleday Studios Logo.

History Edit

Appleday Studios was founded in the early 1920's by animation legend, Milt Appleday. From there, he created some of the most iconic characters such as Golly, Dolly, Crocco, Tux, Pickles and Prickles. Some time later, he built Gollyworld theme park for Appleday fans young and old to meet their favorite characters and enjoy fun but carefully built rides. When Milt died sometime in the 1970's, the studio had been handed over to his son, Sonny Appleday, who has gotten the company less positive reception due to the quality of his cartoon ideas ever since. When Jimmy got Milt's brain, he was about to become the permanent president of the studio when he became too stressed to take the position.

Notable Employees Edit

Milt Appleday - Founder and Animator

Sonny Appleday - Former President

Jimmy Roberts - Former President

Notable Creations Edit

  • Golly and Dolly Gopher
  • Crocco
  • Tux
  • Pickles and Prickles
  • The Marvelous Mind of Milt

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The urban legend of Milt's brain being hidden in a theme park ride is based on the urban legend of Walt Disney's body being cryogenically frozen and hidden somewhere in the Pirates of The Caribbean Ride.