Crocco is one of the cartoons Jimmy sees.



Crocco is often seen wearing a purple scarf around his neck and an orange beanie. He has dark green spikes running down his back and has two large fangs sticking out underneath the end of his snout. He has dark green on his face and backside and light green skin in the front.


Crocco is a dim-witted alligator sidekick. He follows Golly everywhere. However, He's always frustrating Golly with the dim things he says and does. But underneath the stupidity, there lies a kindhearted soul who's always trying to be helpful.


  • Despite having the name "Crocco", he is actually an alligator not a crocodile, with him claiming that "Crocco" is a family name.
  • He is a parody of Goofy.
  • He also has a train named after him called the Crocco-Rail Express. It hit Jimmy early in the movie, causing him to lose his brain.