Golly Gopher is one of Milt Appleday's iconic cartoon characters. He is the confident leader and mascot of the fictional animation company Appleday Studios.



Golly is a cartoon gopher. He wears a blue shirt with yellow stripes, has a black nose and two buck-teeth.


Golly has been shown to be the charming, humorous, fun-loving, and energetic hero out of the group of toons. However, from Jimmy's perspective, he's really a manipulative egomaniac and narcissist who has little to no empathy for others. For example, he uses Jimmy in order to become a star again once Jimmy becomes immensely popular.


  • Golly is a spoof of Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny.
  • Golly and Mickey are both anthropomorphic rodents.
  • Golly's Voice was done by Paul Reubens in Re-Animated and Carlos Alazraqui in Out of Jimmy's Head.