Gollyworld is a theme park based on the popular cartoon characters created by Milt Appleday.


History Edit

Years after the inception of Golly, Dolly, Crocco, Tux, and Pickles and Prickles, Milt Appleday decided to build a theme park around them and attract Appleday fans from all over the world. The construction of the park was eventually finished and was met with great success from its guests. During the 1970's, Milt Appleday had died and his brain was supposedly hidden in the Tux's Arctic Adventure ride so that science could one day put the brain back in Milt when resurrection technology would be available.

During the events of Re-Animated, all of the seventh grade students attending Greater Burbank Junior High go to a field trip to Gollyworld. While a Gollyworld employee explains the history of the theme park to the children, Jimmy is dared to go and find Milt's brain. Out of peer pressure, he does this and finds Sonny searching for it as well. Sonny begins to chase him and Jimmy soon runs away and gets hit by the theme park's train. This causes severe injury to his head and he gets a brain transplant, his brain being exchanged for Milt's. Jimmy is later made president of Appleday Studios due to having Milt's brain. 

Notable Attractions Edit

  • GopherCoaster
  • Tux's Arctic Adventure
  • Crocco's Happy Fun Time Train

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Trivia Edit

  • All the employees who work at the park are certified doctors.