Hairy Harry and The Gnus are a group of cartoons that Jimmy sees.

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The first girl wears a bikini made out of brown fur and has a headband with horns on it. She also has long orange hair and wears purple high heels.

The second girl wears a sweater made of brown fur and like the first girl, wears a headband with horns on them. She also wears brown boots and has blonde hair.

The boy wears a hat with horns on it and wears brown boots. He also wears a suit with a grey shirt and pants. He also wears a brown cape around his neck.

The gnu is the biggest member of the group. He has brown fur with a dark brown beard around his chin and has ivory horns. He also has dark brown spiky fur running down his back and has blue-green eyes.


The band seems to enjoy playing at parties celebrating any occasion and they are almost always on time to play at said parties.


  • They are a spoof of Josie and The Pussycats, along with Jabberjaws (having an animal drummer), and Huey Lewis and the News.