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Hello everyone and welcome to the ReAnimated Wiki! Since the Out of Jimmy's Head Wiki has been pretty much abandoned, I decided to start a new Wiki about both Re-Animated and Out of Jimmy's Head.

For those who don't know, Re-Animated is a live action/animation film that was made in 2006 by Cartoon Network.

DVD cover of Re-Animated.

The film is about a 12 year old boy named Jimmy Roberts who goes to Gollyworld Theme park and gets into a terrible accident with its train. Because most of his brain is unsalvageable, he gets a brain transplant by the Gollyworld hospital that gives him the brain of Milt Appleday, a world famous animator and founder of Gollyworld Theme Park. After the transplant, Jimmy is able to see the cartoon characters that Milt had created.

Out of Jimmy's Head is a show that was released in 2007 by Cartoon Nerwork. The show takes place after the events of Re-Animated. However, due to poor ratings and backlash from critics and Cartoon Network fans, the show was cancelled in 2008 with only 20 episodes under its belt.


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