Sonny is the son of Milt Appleday.


Appearance Edit

Sonny often wears a black suit with a black hankerchief in the righthand suit pocket and has a dark red shirt underneath. He also wears yellow sunglasses. He has short, slightly spiky blonde hair and a thick mustache.

Personality Edit

He is the sinister, villainous, and only son of Milt Appleday and had the nickname Booger for his odd and abnormal behavior. He has a very good evil laugh and announced his plans out loud that people around him catch on very fast and know his plans - which is the reason his plan failed. He is crazy and a crackpot and at the end shows that he misses his father very much, and seems to be very sad about the fact that his father is dead.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the only child of legendary animator, Milt Appleday.
  • He isn't very good at making cartoons and has been running Appleday Studios into the ground since he became president.